A PERFORMANCE CATAMARAN in Kentucky? – Great Loop #18 Sailing Life on Jupiter – EP97

laatste update: 08-2022

An action packed episode. Lots of practical insight with a country music flavor!

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Jupiter² was built in the Philippines by an Australian designer for Jamie. During his time away from work, Jamie lived on board and cruised South East Asia. One of his life dreams is to sail around the world. His plans came together at the end of 2018 when he met a Filipina lounge singer in China. Princess was yearning for a vacation since she had been working many years to support her family. Finally, her siblings got their own jobs and she decided to join Jamie on Jupiter² and go sailing. It was a wild decision for her because she had never sailed before. For the first time, they sail for two weeks around Phuket, Thailand. She began to see what Jamie love about the sea. They both resigned from their jobs in early 2019 and began cruising full time.

Hopefully some inspiration to “Quit Job and Go Sailing”.

Song: Ikson – New Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)
Video Link:

All music from epidemicsound.com

GoPro Hero 8
GoPro jaws flex clamp
GoPro 3-way camera stick & tripod mount
GoPro Dome
GoPro Polar Pro Filters
Iphone X- (dropped to sea Nov. 15)
Zoom H1N handy recorder
Boya BY-MM1 microphone
DJI Phantom 3 standard – (we crashed it recently 😂)
Software Editor : IMovie / Davinci Resolve 17
Laptop use for editing :
MacBook Pro 15inch Touch Bar 2017
MacBook Pro Retina 15inch 2015

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30 gedachten over “A PERFORMANCE CATAMARAN in Kentucky? – Great Loop #18 Sailing Life on Jupiter – EP97”

  1. Hi,
    Just a heads up on your re-galvanizing – If it's been done through the electroplating method it won't last long – you need "hot dipped" galvanizing as per how quality anchor chain is produced for it to last.👍

  2. 8:35 If you would have asked me, I always say: "It's cheaper to do whatever you want while visiting another country than it is to come back on another trip to do what you missed" ! We did pretty much everything we could when we travelled to your home country. It wore us out but we don't regret a minute of it.

  3. Hi Jamie, did you earn a hernia belt with the chain lifting?? I speak as a current holder of 4 double hernias st this moment, operation #4 to fix me up again. Be careful Brother.

  4. There is a Mighty small horse that is bread here locally, called the "Halflinger" you could get Princess one and take on board Jupiter, ?? she could ride the beaches of the world. I have all the saddles and tack you can have for free.

  5. Just a point on the rubber mat if the salt water rises above the mat, it will be useless most aluminium boats (should) have a timber hold liner with a timber well floor that raises the chain well above the water splash line.

  6. How do you like the Ovation ? I had one long time ago but I did not like it, because I only play sitting down and that thing did not stay on my knee thanks to the round rearside.

  7. The Rocky Mountains are much larger than where your at. Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Alaska have the largest mountains in the USA. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are also grand.

  8. I think that what you are aiming to do is pretty much what brought La Vagabonde its success. From the beginning they didn't just put videos on YouTube but aimed at building a BRAND, working with businesses and manufacturers etc. I think Riley Whitelum was the driving force in going down this road and it has led to them racking up close to 1.8 million subs – which in turn led to businesses falling over themselves to work with them. La Vagabonde could lose 700,000 subs and still be twice as big as the runner-up in the YouTube sailing channel stakes!

  9. oh man , very hart training in the park, Iron man is coming!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣great Guitar playing 🖖THX

  10. I told you that I live in the area… Paducah is my home town "area". I really wished I knew you where here at the time. The place you ate catfish at looked to be Doe's eat place. BTW, not many people eat fish out of the river. Most catfish served around here comes from ponds purpose built to raise catfish. Sadly the rivers have too much heavy metals in them. That Allen music store is where I purchase saxophone reeds for both my son and me. I also get guitar strings for my daughter from there. The place you stayed in TN is the Park my father in law retired from. So yes, you were close for several days… lol.

  11. I am very interested in the Mumby design, but would like to know the thickness of the aluminum on the hulls. Others that I have looked at have thicker aluminum towards the bottom and it gets thinner as you go up the side. What does Mumby have?

  12. Some people suggest Thailand or Philippines for internet based business. Others suggest Cook Islands for general purposes. Keep the mid life crisis coming. Thanks for the upload.

  13. The chain galv going in 1.5 years is really bad… I got 10 years from mine anchoring a lot.. There are a lot of dodgy chain suppliers out there. Why didn't you go with Dyneema for the shrouds? Hell of a light lighter…. Phil

  14. My home town!!! God, how I wished I had been on our boat on the lake that day! Would have loved meeting my favorite sailing team. Isn't Tennessee beautiful? God bless and stay safe.
    And Jamie you can still make those quitar strings sing 🎶 🎵

  15. If you want to see the real mountain then you should go to see The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. About 4 hour drive from Kentucky. They don't disappoint. Too cold in Denver, no fun unless you ski and it's costly but wherever you choose…enjoy!!!

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