A Crypto Game Promised to Lift Filipinos Out of Poverty. Here’s What Happened Instead

Samerson Orias was earning about 4,000 pesos a month (about $80, a little less than half the national minimum wage in the Philippines) making takoyaki—Japanese octopus balls. His friend told him he and others were pocketing up to $600 a month playing Axie Infinity, a game fueled by cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Orias, now 26, desperately needed an escape hatch from his financial woes: his mother had had a stroke and required medication, and electricity and grocery bills were stacking up. So he plunged into Axie, doing battle with cartoon monsters for hours deep into the night.

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28 gedachten over “A Crypto Game Promised to Lift Filipinos Out of Poverty. Here’s What Happened Instead”

  1. Axie Infinity is a scam. Never trust NFT games anymore. They were only good in the beginning. Use your money wisely. Not in this scam game. I hope someone will sue Jihoz and Psycheout. These two are disgust to society.

  2. Filipinos have always been gullible. That's why we got colonized, why we vote for corrupt useless government officials and fall for these scams.

  3. Only stupid people lose on these NFTs. Not Us. We do enter this kind of metaverse per se but on a strategic standpoint.

  4. Youve been warned pero yayabangan nyo pa kaming nagsasabi scam ang Axie. You've learned your lesson in a hard way. If a business analyst warns you, you better listen and take it seriously. We've studied the business structure of the game and we saw minting slp will generate problems. E ayaw makinig e iyak nalang kayo

  5. Tbh sky mavis will just target a different country if philippines fell out of their favor just like what happened with venezuela, indonesia and india before

  6. I literally don't play games in general and I'm so lucky I didn't get to play this game.

  7. WORK, B!TCHES!!!!!! THAT'S HOW YOU EARN MONEY. uto-uto kasi layo eh

  8. I was a manager with 42 scholarships, earning $7K a month, reinvesting every single penny back into building more scholarships to create more job opportunities. Now no one is playing, there are no earnings, and I lost $30K of my own money in initial investments.

  9. Please show me where “A crypto game” “promised” to lift gamers out of poverty. Are you even referring to Axie Infinity devs?

    Only thing I can agree with is that the market crashed, but hasn’t the stock market been on a simple tumble?

    Such a great video… really gave me so
    Much insight into “A crypto Game”. No mention of anything else but someone got tired playing a game. Not gonna put more effort into this comment that whoever put out this video tho, and will just laugh at how it was created to fill a narrative without doing more than 5 min of research.

  10. The sad thing Is how predictable this was. This game was marketed as a way to make easy money, but you “make money” in Axie by selling tokens and Axies you earn in the game to other players. Every dollar earned by one person is a dollar lost by another. Eventually, there was nobody left to buy, and the player base was left with worthless digital tokens.

  11. Mga tanga kasi kayo, haha lakas maka engganyo buti malakas pangamoy ko sa mga kalokohan.

  12. haha this type of documentary won't work like what you did last 2 years

  13. EZ money… the scammer's mantra that never fails on Filipinos.

  14. AXS, SLP babawi rin
    LUNC and VET and ACH to the moon! Thank me later

  15. Until now the slp and axs down I'm proud to play Axie Infinity because of this game I help my family in financial income and to my study thanks axie

  16. even @coinbureau promoted this sh*t. A lot of filipinos got fked

  17. nasaan na yung mga axie to the moon isang hampas namumulubi na ngayon 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Tell me what the s&p500 is doing 😂😂 can't blame acie for a recession that Biden won't say we in. So are you Blaming Axie about Teslas shares going down? How about Amazon? Is it all Axie infinities fault? Are people crying who own Tesla shares? Or do they know that we going into a recession. I dont understand what the problem is. Why blame the creators for creating something where you can make money from practically doing nothing. You are crucifying these guys because you are spoiled and had bigger expectations of becoming rich quick. Ride the wave wait for markets to recover then let's talk again. I hate these smear campaigns.

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