A Brand Shiny New Bittrex Exchange Platform! (Psst Traders, Check This Out!)

Bittrex Exchange just re-launched their website, trading platform, fee schedule, mobile app, and have new and exciting offerings coming out like credit/debit cards! Their UI/UX used to be very simple and old school but now it’s new/modern/sleek. They have TradingView integrated and everything is super simple and self explanatory. Their mobile app is super useful as well to trade crypto on the go. They have lowered their fees across the board. You can now utilize their referral program to make 10% in trading fees forever from your referrals. And they are also going to slowly roll out credit/debit cards across the world.

If you’ve used Bittrex in the past and are now wanting to buy/trade crypto…. maybe it’s time to check out Bittrex again?

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You can check it out here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored introduction/review video of their new platform rollout.

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  1. As a former user i received an email where they announced their new look

  2. I live in the US ,and as a US citizen I'm not allowed to trade on Bittrex or I got a wrong information???

  3. Hey Kevin thanks for the video. I have a quick question. To the right of the symbol name, usd-btc – is "60". What is that? On most, it is 120. Thank you,

  4. how do I get a BTC address to make a deposit from say coinbase?

  5. Hi I have a problem please.

    On Bittrex I don't have a "wallet" but "holdings".

    I am trying to withdraw or sell my XRP but it is impossible!

    Do you have a solution please?

    Thank you

  6. Terrible video – no value – very general look that anyone can do for themselves..

  7. Hey bro I’m having trouble placing orders on bittrex.. can we zoom chat so I can get some more crypto’s ?? I’ll pay you in crypto for helping me out

  8. QUESTION KEVIN! My Bittrex screen does NOT show a wallet option at the top right so my question is this: when I make my first deposit of BTC to Bittrex for trading will a wallet be set up at that time???

  9. there's no help, app on iphone , does not allow you to log in… all security and nothing else!!

  10. Hey Kevin or anyone who might know I just logged in to my bittrex account after like a year I have about 15 coins diversified some with 5 bucks some 50 nothing crazy but under holdings balances it shows available balance red coin 19,875.69444 I’m like huh i think it trades around like .001cents or something. Then it says cardano 1,600.0000 so confused think it’s at .05 cent. 15 coins all tallied up would be like 25grand which I know is not in there when BTC was at 19Gs (2017) my account was at 4,400 now its says my TOTAL balance is 254.00 sounds right which is close to what it was a year ago what do those large numbers mean????????

  11. SO glad they redesigned that disaster from a couple years ago. I used to trade there often but after their (old) design (which was far inferior to their old school design), I didn't use bittrex at all for a couple of years. the new layout is fantastic.

  12. this app sucks, not very user friendly and help is non existant

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  14. Good to have stumbled on this video, never knew BITTREX have improved on their user interface and less transaction fees now, it used to be a model back then #InjectiveProtocol

  15. what is the credits balance and how to use …can we used for fees ??

  16. Hello do you offer one on one lessons for trading on Bittrex please?

  17. Bitcoin for Beginners,
    How much does it cost for a company to list on Bittrex? Bittrex wouldn't tell me, like it's a big secret, but yet they say they don't charge companies to list on their platform. So can you find out? I'd be interested to know what Binance charges as well. Maybe you could do a video about the fees each of the major exchanges charge to list. I just heard it cost $6 million to list on Binance. In the wild west of crypto. But it only costs $100,000 to $300,000+- to list on Nasdaq main exchanges and less than $100,000 on their smallest exchange, and an annual fee of less than that. I thought crypto was about being against high banking fees and such things. Please check into this for us.

  18. Bittrex is a a big SCAM!!!!

    I have my account there. Suddenly they asked about my id. I sent.

    They said "I don't look like" I sent my passport, I recorded video holding and they still play as a fool with me. Don't answer email from me and many people with the same problem. PEOPLE LOSE MORE THAN 50K DOLLARS.

    On twitter they just ignored you.

    The emails from support is just copy and paste.

    They are doing that for stolen your money.
    Be aware of this website!

  19. How do you cash out/withdrawal USD on the Bittrex app and put money back on your debit card or bank account?

  20. Hi good day! I just wanna ask on how to withdraw my btc on bittrex if i didn’t meet the minimum required withdrawal amount?

  21. I have some CVC Coin that I purchased on Bittrex and I can't seem to be able to sell it or buy more. Can anyone help with the issue? Customer service for Bittrex is impossible!

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