5x Return Potential – The Only EV Stock Cathie Wood Bought Beside Tesla

laatste update: 06-2022

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In this video, I will be discussing one of the most technologically advanced pure-play new Electric Vehicle leader of the EV race. Its autonomous driving capabilities are so advance that Chinese Government have to quickly formulate new rules for autonomous driving in their country because their EV is ready to launch autonomous driving. Their sales growth and autonomous driving capability has compelled the EV champ Cathie Wood to invest in their growth story. To put things in perspective you must know that cathie wood has never bought another Pure EV company stock beside tesla.
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Now lets get back to the video The Stock I am talking about is Xpeng Inc. Ticker symbol XPEV.
Xpeng has recently left its Domestic EV rivals behind in terms of deliveries during the year 2021 and have an incredible roadmap for 2022 which makes it an attractive buy to get the potential upside benefit before it multiplies many folds. The future potential of stock has recently been identified by the Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest that has bagged around 700K shares worth more than 34 million dollars during the month of December 2021 and continues to buy shares every other day. Cathie’s Ark inclination toward Xpeng makes a sense that the Ark Invest foresees a continuation of the beating deliveries of its existing and forthcoming advanced models. One of the latest developments that would enable Xpeng to lead in autonomous driving is that the company has announced its robotaxi initiative that would not only give the Xpeng a confidence over its technology but it would also bring the company on top of its competitive grounds.

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  1. The world has changed, a decade back you'd call this an innovation for the century. But the pace of innovation has increased to such a tremendous amount that we see mind blowing technology being developed at such a rapid pace. Hopefully, we can make policies that secure our futures and allow us to savour the fruits for these innovations

  2. Xpev will be the winner! It always made more gains in Stockprice then Nio! Soon it will doubble 👍

  3. Any update on Reliq Health. They had huge news today with Cognizant. I appreciated the tip from you and would love an update. Thank you

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