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  1. BTC = Savings account. BCH= Spendings account. 10 trillion market (btc). 100 trillion market(bch)

  2. How would you convince Youtube to use Bitcoin Cash to pay their content creators?

  3. Have a look at the new BCH network upgrade "PMv3" in the works. There's a developer discussion on the "BCH Network Discussion" channel. It will add additional capabilities that will meet and exceed Ethereum capabilities. Very interesting stuff! You'll never hear it from the high subscriber "influencer" channels, they allow their emotions to compromise their credibility (Talking to you Bitboy, Altcoin daily).

  4. Hey Gabriel let's not forget you can have NFTs, SLPs, Smart contracts and Anonymous/Privacy send functions. SO MUCH can be done on BCH that can absorb most of what others Alt coins are trying to achieve

  5. I just saw a "news" that mentioned OKcoin exchange delisted BCH. What would happen if more and more exchange delist BCH?

  6. thank you Gabriel!
    I see a very bright future for Bitcoin Cash.

  7. What do you think about Digibyte? Its actually like bch or maybe even better? I am buying both 🙂

  8. Hi, do you expect Bitcoin Cash to reach 5000$ by the end of this year?

  9. Need to pump a new crypto. Bitcoin cash has no use. Not making money. Not the future. Old technology isn't the future. Sell and move on. Overvalued coin. Goodluck.

  10. Do a video covering the governance issues in bch or the lack thereof. Taizen out put a thesis that a lack of governance will cause either perpetual forks or no important decisions will be made. Found the video here: https://youtu.be/xRemt5ym76s

    That was three years ago. To me this is still the elephant in the room for bch and there are waves going on in bch with Bitcoin Unlimited considering a new chain, aka. yet another fork — making it what? the 4th fork now if it comes to pass? I've lost count.

    This is why I'm diversified into Dash too, not just bch. Dash at least acknowledges this issue and has a way to deal with it. On the other hand, the current sentiment in the bch community is that they don't even consider it a problem.

  11. Why do I keep getting this guy in sunglasses walking round campsites showing up in my feeds?

  12. Just buy bic or eth only. Bch is dead already. Bch cannot reach as year 2017.

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