3 Tips to Save 50% on Ethereum Gas Fees When Trading on 1inch.Exchange in 2022

laatste update: 06-2022

UPDATE: I mistakenly edited out one key step in saving on gas with the CHI token–buying it first! Sorry, but consider getting CHI on 1inch.exchange and just leave it in your wallet to be auto-spent on future trades on 1inch as long as you Enable CHI like I did in the tutorial.

While higher gas prices on Ethereum are driving up transaction fees, I’m noticing lots of DeFi newcomers are missing out on simple tricks to minimize their gas costs when trading on DEXs. This tutorial is how I regularly save more than 50% on gas costs, considering I do 100% of my trading on Ethereum DEXs and work with an average of 5-10 transactions per day on Ethereum. I know the stress of gas costs firsthand!

Here’s what I cover:
⚔️ Tip #1: High gas prices on Ethereum and how the ETHGasStation.info can help
⚔️ Tip #2: How the CHI token and 1inch.Exchange help me to save 50% on gas costs
⚔️ How to enable the CHI token and save trading on 1inch.Exchange
⚔️ Tip #3: How I use the “unlimited spend limit permission” to save on gas on future trades
⚔️ Finishing the 1inch trade and confirming I saved 50% on gas costs
⚔️ Warning about the “unlimited spend limit permission” and how to change it back to zero

Helpful Resources:
🛠️ To try 1inch.Exchange DEX aggregator, go to:
🛠️ To use handy EthGasStation.info tool, go to:
🛠️ To learn more about the CHI gastoken, go to:
🛠️ To edit unlimited allowances you’ve enabled with Ethereum apps in the past, go to the Token Allowance Checker:

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Disclaimer & Risks: 1inch.Exchange and the other teams mentioned in this video did not pay me to produce this video. This is not financial advice and you should approach all DeFi applications, wallets, protocols, and tools with caution. Please be aware there is always risk in using DeFi, including technical risks (ie smart contracts hacks), financial risks (ie liquidity crises), and potentially admin risk (admin key compromise, governance vulnerabilities). There is risk whenever using leverage (if it’s ever used), and there’s risk of the dollar-peg failing in any stablecoin, such as sUSD. Also, be mindful of the risk of an “unlimited spend limit permission” I demonstrate in the video.

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30 gedachten over “3 Tips to Save 50% on Ethereum Gas Fees When Trading on 1inch.Exchange in 2022”

  1. I didn't see the saving on that at all to finish up your transaction you payed 8 dollars and to just swap it would have been 2.75 so where do you think your saving at

  2. This was a complete fail for me. I paid about $30 gas for $120 in Chi. Went to do my next swap using Chi, and gas price was quoted at over $150 w Chi vs $12 on Uniswap. Ended up using Uniswap and stuck with these Chi.

  3. i dont believe in 1 inch exchange. i tried to buy CHI tokens on 1 inch. it charge me with 14usd gas fee, but when i swap into uniswap. it will charge me with 7 usd in fees. same amount of tokens. but HUGE difference in gas!

  4. Since CHI is a developer token, do you have to have CHI in your Wallet to save? I’m thinking of keeping a small amount of CHI just in case but as Layer 2 solutions and ETH 2, etc. over the next year come out, I don’t want to invest in CHI long term. Probably a good buy for this year though.

  5. ARGGGHHH I can't even get my 1 inch aggregator screen to look like yours… I'm gonna go sit in the corner with a tin foil hat.

  6. When I go to Unlock the "confirm" on my transaction is white and I cannot click it. Im in limbo with my coins just sitting there not allowing me to unlock it

  7. I just tried to use my Coinbase wallet to swap Dai for Shiba and the fee was $260!!!
    Why is this? Im not paying $260 to swap a fuckin coin.

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