3 Tips to Improve Your MetaMask Security

In the defi boom it’s easy to get lazy and overlook security but in today’s video I will give you my 3 Top Tips for improving the security of your metamask crypto wallet.

Revoke Unlimited Spends

Get a Hardware Cold Wallet to Use with your Metamask (I recommend the X over the S because it has a much larger memory)

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30 gedachten over “3 Tips to Improve Your MetaMask Security”

  1. HOW do you know what contracts you have signed?
    What ARE examples of these contracts that you have signed??

  2. If you are staking on certain platforms and borrowing from different platforms, what would be the best way to connect your ledger to metamask without disrupting anything? Please advise.

  3. Bro quick question , I had set up some strong nodes on my metamask before I got my ledger , but I'm having a hard time connecting the old account to my ledger , the wallet not showing up on the ledger when I'm trying to sync them , any help plz

  4. are the rest of the accounts protected by one account being hardware connected?

  5. thank you very much for uploading this video and sharing these tips, very useful.

  6. an important advice is to disconnect computer from your internet and to turn it off if you are not using it

  7. Good info.. Noticed ledger, trezor, etc support certain coins.. How can I store the small alt coins that ledger and trezor show they support?

  8. Pardon my ignorance. Lets say you went to a website and it authorized itself to withdraw all your funds like you talk about in security tip number 2. You go online with your trezor. Can it take all your money or would you be prompted by your trezor to verify the transaction. Thank you

  9. Guys I had been hacked I want to ask u guys if the hacker could stole from my wallet again in metamask

  10. If I just want to connect metamask to a hardware leger like nano s would that be the same as leger x? Can nano s Handle all my tokens?

  11. What if u import ur account to change ur password in metamask, is there still a chance that ur still connected to the site or not anymore?

  12. You have earned my subscription – Thank you SO MUCH for this great video

  13. Amazing video, regrettably I saw it 24hr too late. Mine got hacked yesterday

  14. Boss how to transfer my NFT games in new MetaMask wallet? Thanks

  15. So how does a hardware wallet help you when you’ve authorised the unlimited contracts previously. The fact that this is even a thing at all makes security of crypto a joke. I read every day about people crying they got scammed or sent their funds to the wrong place. Crypto will never become mainstream until these issues are fixed

  16. Can i import my mm private keys to ledger s? Like change it from hot to cold wallet

  17. How about a comprimised wallet, Eth sweeper on it but nfts are stuck

  18. Network with chainId 56 is not supported what might this be good sir?

  19. Great tips, however … you forget to mention one super important thing : ledger and trezor and ellipal and every other major hardware wallet don't support a lot of coins, even some of the really big ones ! like Terra and Solana! I wish I knew this prior to buying my hardware wallet… it doesn't support many of my coins, not just one or two, MANY OF THEM !! And it's competitor brand either, they're both garbage as far as I'm concerned, can't use them. I guess I could have 3 coins here , 3 coins there, and 3 other coins over there, but that would increase my chances of losing or getting my seed phrases mixed up or lost exponentially !! Many people have lost their fortunes this way !!

  20. Hey bro, can you tell a hardware wallet can still be compromised if it has given unlimited token approvals?

    Edit : My bad, you already answered it in the video. Thanks for the clarification!

    12 PHRASE WORD👇🏽

    flash barely tuna avoid ranch plastic tourist jar riot there another magic

  22. Hi thank you for your great videos. If I revoke unlimited spends on a certain site, when I go back into their site it won't try to redo an unlimited spend? Txs

  23. Is there a way that metamask only will work if I attach ledger to it even if I know the password for metamask wallet?

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