This is a clip edited from the Keiser Report, where Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the recent rash of Banker deaths.

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  1. Gosh,,,would it not be good if all the bankers killed themselves ,, along with all Lawyers,,,,,

  2. Most Americans are in the """"DARK"""the American MONEY SYSTEM was STOLE 101 Years Ago see video """"FIAT EMPIRE""""Rothschilds and Vatican Bank have STOLE TRILLIONS

  3. These two should be wearing their tin foil hats when speaking.

  4. Bankers are like lawyers. Corrupt and who cares but they are being killed because they know to much.

  5. Anyone else want to be rich? Doesn't pay. Asks these bankers and celebs.

  6. Only 20 dead?  There should be at least 10 dead for as many banks as there are. MILLIONS of these fuckers need to die~!

  7. these asshole would't speak against their boss the boss wanted to kill these bunch of shit hope more of these fuckers get kill all these jack ass they rape people with what little they had saved these fuckers are the same bunch shit like their boss.

  8. 0:50.  Maxy provides two self-serving explanations for the supposed 20 dead bankers.  I have an explanation but it does not fit in with Maxy's narrative so of course he does not explore that theory; only the 2 theories that will make money for him. 

  9. At 19 seconds that guy looks like he's practicing for what he's going to be doing to his butt buddy after the interview.

  10. Imagine every Monday morning, you heard on the radio, that another 20 bankers are dead, fuck that would just make your whole week, then to top it off, even better if it was corrupt politicians

  11. In all honesty, and if I'm correct in my understanding these bankers were at heart good and decent people, I believe I am, the realities of the banking world don't mix with the humanitarian nature of decent folk. When these realities hit home, realizing they were in too deep, they didn't just kill themselves, they sacrificed themselves. To the loathsome scumbag banker, these immoralities don't pose much a dilemma…

  12. the solution is simple go after the whole fucking lot of them & their politicians too & give them two options.

    #1 suicide (shot in the back of the head while running from police)
    #2 hanging (from their flag pole as their new corporate mascot)

  13. I would have liked to hear or see the list of bankers that have died and the time span involved.

  14. RT is hilarious. I would like to see them report on Putin signing private deals with oil companies to purchase the Oil company he stole using the guise of government. Then in return taking a shit ton of money and options in the company who bought the rights.

  15. Don't play with my emotions…. If it's a true robin hood then there will be more dead bankers… if it's just a kill em to shut em up, then that's probably it.

  16. sounds like a good start when are the rest gonna join the first 20

  17. Puro puro puro puro puro puro puro puro ganar con ysua verdadero dios JC d evil death corruption will flee from ysua verdadero dios thanks u

  18. remove money is the solution. because greed is built around money and greed creates all this problems over and over again.

  19. That's a damned good start.. Now, let's work on all those pansy assed Lawyers
    we don't need…..

  20. good riddance , now we have to work on rothschildand rest of cronies

  21. Only a fool would believe these men committed suicide. We a thoroughly rotten nation.

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