2% Long-Term Interest Rates? | ITK with Cathie Wood

On episode XLIX of “In the Know,” (November 3, 2023) ARK CEO/CIO, Cathie Wood, weighs in on risks of inflation vs. deflation, currencies as flights to safety, and what’s contributing to this rolling recession. Cathie is also joined by ARK Analyst, Ali Urman, who shares exciting and hopeful news within the multi-omics space – specifically regarding gene-editing treatments for sickle-cell disease and beta thalassemia. (Please find the full video Ali references here:

This month we’re again responding to a few requests by supplementing this episode with charts and data to help illustrate ARK’s perspective on and outlook for the global economy.

As always, Cathie discusses fiscal policy, monetary policy, market signals, economic indicators, and innovation. We hope you find this monthly series useful, especially during periods of heightened volatility. Stay Healthy. Stay Innovative.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:47 Cathie Intro
00:01:44 Fiscal Policy
00:04:07 US Federal Budget Deficit or Surplus as a Percent of Nominal GDP
00:07:46 Monetary Policy
00:08:18 Money Supply (M2) Growth Percent Change Year-over-Year
00:10:21 2s-10s Yield Curve Spread
00:14:50 Temporary Help Services Employment Leads Total Employment
00:15:22 National Association of Realtors Housing Affordability Index
00:16:08 US Existing Home Sales (SAAR) – Volume
00:16:50 US Auto Sales Total Annualized SAAR
00:19:30 Evercore ISI Survey Charts
00:23:34 Market Signals
00:23:52 Bloomberg Commodity Index
00:25:40 USD Index (DXY)
00:27:53 Foreign Holders of Long Term US Treasuries – Mainland China
00:30:10 Non-farm Unit Labor Costs, SA, Change Y/Y
00:31:57 Metals/Gold Ratio Against US 10 Year Treasury
00:35:43 Bitcoin (BTC)
00:37:25 Innovation & Multi-omics Sequencing
00:39:24 Ali Urman
00:42:35 Victoria Gray Shares Her Story
00:46:20 Cathie Conclusion

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20 gedachten over “2% Long-Term Interest Rates? | ITK with Cathie Wood”

  1. What’s crazy is everyone called Cathie crazy for her thought process for tens of years. At the end of the day the ones who actually didn’t dismiss her saw for themselves she’s brilliant. She’s someone I would never bet against.

  2. You guys all realize she only does this to steer the market in a direction that makes her money, right? They all do. Sure, a helpful youtube video here and there. Why not. But then you'll notice her "recommendations".

  3. Billions of dollars every year in regards to cancer foundations, gov grants and various charities. you think that industry is just going to let a cure wipe it all away. K woods so innocent and naïve.

  4. 42:25 why was the beneficiary's clip rendered with a slow audio flange making it sound like her recording was walking around me, in front and behind?

  5. 🗣: thank you CATHIE! I always luv the perspective you provide ‼️

  6. Can AI cure the cancer?!
    We put too much hype into mediocre technology.

  7. I think ARKK doesn’t make much sense in high rates environment. So, naturally Cathie preaching recession and QE….
    It’s not analysis, just some wishful thinking…

  8. What an exciting time for crisper and vertex. In fact, without seeing this, I bought editas last week isn't that a coincidence . Thank you Kathy. You know I started not to watch you tonight and I'm so glad I watched. Thanks again 😊

  9. Last year only the natural gas (-30%), and the crude oil (-12%) from the major commodities peaked lower than in 2008. Almost anywhere else ATHs. Bloomberg Commodity Index is a joke.

  10. OMG – The Ark Innovation ETF, known by its ticker ARKK, has plunged almost 75% from its 2021 highs – DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THIS LADY

  11. Instead of talking about macro all the time, why dont you speak on your stock selection instead? You are the only fund manager who constantly whines about macro environment

  12. Cathie could you get your team members to look professional when they present? Allie looks like she was at the gym.

  13. Gene editing is very scary. It doesn’t solve the root cause. The food we eat and drug we take are killing us. More drugs is the solution? Don’t fool with Mother Nature.

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