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  1. Get your limit orders in Maurice. The longer you have them in the more you are likely to get it filled. I think we are finally getting our $3450.00 in the next few weeks. The market is still over leveraged and they need to get liquidated for the whales to get their coins. Bitcoin charts show 46k is coming and that means etherium is going to its low as well. I just put in my limit order of 25 Etherium at $3630.00.

  2. Added 1.2 ETH in today. I still see it getting back to the 3300-3500 levels, but still figured a good buying opp. Appreciate the insight as always!

  3. Hey maurice, can you do a video going over how you do trend analysis so we can learn from you

  4. Maurice, you are amazing. The way how you describe all the factors/attributes that drive the crypto and equity market is really helpful. Sometimes I don't even watch the videos while driving or taking a walk, your broadcast style is just like a podcast, no need to look at the graphs here.

  5. Thank you Maurice!
    Maybe the pants company is in NY or thereabouts? Looks like good quality, at least from what I can see.
    But yeah, caught a couple of nibbles today, just waiting to see if a couple of others fall into muh traps.
    Have a great night! 🦦

  6. Thanks for the content Maurice, have a nice weekend 🙂

  7. Much more wins today, oh my God, I'm really happy for today 😊😉. I finally got my profit of $70,000 on this crypto investment after feeling so escatic and heavy minded that nothing good can come out of it…

  8. Thank you again, my friend! I have picked up some crypto sales. I appreciate your input! Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Thanks for being the genuine person that you are! You have helped me in more ways then you’ll know and I know I’m not the only one who feels like that.. thanks Maurice!

  10. love your videos, u are one of the few real ones out there.

  11. Hi Maurice, have been following your videos for quite some time now. Keep up the great work. Could I ask what you software or website you are using to show these charts? Would love to view the charts and have them set up in the same way you do. Thanks

  12. Thanks Maurice! I tell all my friends about your channel. I’m excited to take advantage of the dip this weekend. Take care

  13. Your channel reminds me of Bitcoin, it will blossom into a powerhouse soon.

  14. I have a quick question regarding ADA. We already hit the $2.00 and $1.87. We are extremely close to $1.45. Should we reevaluate the DCA levels for Cardano? What happens when we dip below $1.45?

  15. Like I have been saying for weeks. I'm surprised we even got this high to begin with. You know the rumor that Bitcoin is going to 100k. I never believed it because the economy is tanking, inflation is rising, gas prices are soaring, cost of living is going up. Nothing is getting better, where are we going to get the extra money for that additional pump to 100k?

    I remember you saying that what goes up really, really fast also comes down as fast. I started looking at charts at the way I'm currently seeing things is that we are now experiencing a head and shoulders with Ethereum. If the past is an indication of anything, the dump will be a lot lower than what we initially started with, which was $2750. After the $2750, we went all the way up to $4871. If we dump, wouldn't it make sense for it to dump below $2750?

  16. Maurice I was curious why your strategy is with eth. Are you accumulating to hold for the very long term, or do you plan to sell at the perceived peak of the bull market ? Just curious! Amazing content as always

  17. Big sale on Black Friday 😊
    Waiting for the dip

  18. Who really cares about covid anymore, let alone a varient.. I don't beg why it would effect crypto

  19. You said Ninance for XRP but I don’t see the option to do it. It shows non tradable. Any idea why?

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  21. Hi Maurice ! What do you think about the long term buy proposition of Cardano (ADA) ?

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