#102 Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: The 220k Bitcoin Orange Pill

laatste update: 05-2022

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are preaching Bitcoin in the Keiser Report since 2011. The Report is broadcasted on RT to a global audience and the YouTube channel has 4.1 million subscribers. In 2020 the dynamic couple started their own show, the Orange Pill Podcast. Max Keiser has made a bold price prediction for Bitcoin in 2021, he says it will reach 220,000 USD. I am asking him, why he thinks that this will be the case. We are talking about Stacy and Max’s background and why Max left Wall Street to become a financial anarchist.

“Bitcoin will eat all capital markets.” – Max Keiser


Stacy and Max’s background stories
From Wall Street to financial anarchy
Karmabanque vs. Bitcoin boiling the oceans
Why Wall Street and the Fiat system are rigged
How bitcoin prevents corruption and insider trade
Max’ price prediction of 220k in 2021
Why Bitcoin can not be banned
Bitcoin enables a new economical order
How to assess bitcoin
Advice for GenZ

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17 gedachten over “#102 Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: The 220k Bitcoin Orange Pill”

  1. Great interview!! I watch Max and Stacy all the time and you managed to pull more info from them in an hour than I've heard in the 6 or so years I"ve been listening to them. Great job!!

  2. Everybody's just streaming and consuming, playing in front of their screens, brave new world?
    I wonder where in all this wonderful satoshi streaming world the sweatshops, the hard work, the guy who plows his fields, the worker who gets his hands dirty, does fit in? Seems like nobody in gen z wants to do the dirty job? Who is gonna do the slave work, who will be the slaves?

  3. 1:22:05 – Max you're wrong. It always starts with a full belly – or better say – it starts with an empty belly and who gets the food to fill it up. This is a fundamental misunderstanding in your wonderful world where everybody can have everything by mouseclick. Somebody has to make the stuff, hunt the deer, milk the cow, feed the hens and clean out the stable. I never hear you talking about the guys who get their hands dirty in your wonderful Bitcoin world.

  4. Very nice to hear the tandem autobiograpical history of Stacy and Max spoken first hand. I also like the music for the retro sounding funky bass intro. For unknown reasons I'm wondering if Posh in upper crusty British English is equivalent to Posch in colloquial street German? I'm guessing not. 

    Random note inspired by hearing that Stacy has some Finnish blood: while traveling in Europe I once read a newspaper article which ranked both the Finns ( of Finland ) and the Magyars of Hungaria as the most "sexually free" people in the countries of Europe. I forget now how the research for that study was done.

  5. Lol Max If I didn't love you I'd start reporting your video's,, don't delete comments randomly when your an easy target for retaliation,, so swanbitcoins only takes US customers who cares it's only the truth ..

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