10 AML Rules that Every Transaction Monitoring Team Should Consider

In this video I cover 10 fundamental AML rules that every AML compliance team should consider, to help their firms with the identification of money laundering activities.

I have also published in Oct. 2022 a follow up video covering 5 more AML TM Rules. If you enjoyed this video you can find part 2 here:

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0:00 – AML Rules Intro
02:11 – AML Rule nr.1 Detection of structuring
03:03 – AML Rule nr.2 Customer Details Updated Before a Large Transaction
04:02 – AML Rule nr.3 Unusual Spending Pattern
04:55 – AML Rule nr.4 Low Buyers Diversity
06:08 – AML Rule nr.5 Disproportionate Flow-Through
06:47 – AML Rule nr.6 High-Risk Countries
08:03 – AML Rule nr.7 Immediate Withdrawal to Private Wallets
08:48 – AML Rule nr.8 Cash Transactions
09:33 – AML Rule nr.9 Dormant Accounts
10:23 – AML Rule nr.10 Frequent Conversions Crypto-FIAT or FIAT-Crypto


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    I don't know this is truth or scam.
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