1/3 Buy Silver & Gold: Max Keiser & Mike Maloney In Paris

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Enter code ‘CrashJPMorgan’ at for a discount on gold and silver bullion. Hello and welcome to the first episode of this 3 part series. This interview was filmed for our next gold and silver film (currently in production) but we will be releasing many parts and interviews along the way. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the interview Max, hope to do it again soon.

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  1. @lXlRIVERlXl
    EXCUSE ME FOR TRYING TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS FROM SUICIDE WHEN ALL THIS FRAUD COMES TO THE SURFACE. do your research and jp morgan goldman sachs would LOVE you to buy their fake gold JACKASS!

  2. psychological change with gold & silver ownership?

    [check], execute financial offensives

    (it's really true)

  3. Hi !!

    Check that electropop song about Traders !!!


    Electro vs Finance !! 😀

  4. The people who put thumbs down on this are completely for the fiat currency, because they know how strong it is and how it will never fail us. *sarcasm* LOL. Keep making awesome videso. Mike, you are awesome! Thumbs up. =D

  5. @kookamachu EVERYTHING I wrote makes sense. You don't comprehend anything sensible. Fraud is always in every system. That is A FACT. It is BUILT IN TO NATURE. Things like camouflage, lying, poisons tasting sweet are ALL acts of fraud built into nature. All all times in all parts of nature fraud is present. It is only by having an active & predictive fraud-detection & warning-notice system we have a chance, like a body's immune system defending against disease & poison.

  6. @kookamachu So the solution is that we can not derail the free market by centralizing it or turning any component of it into a total fraud – like the way people trade or the use of debt as money – but we must be actively ready to respond to fraud at all times & must share what we know with all others in the market to rapidly reduce fraud. Then the fraudsters have to work extra hard, use lots of energy & ingenuity, to gain any ground at all. This is incentive to STOP fraud.

  7. @kookamachu "Freedom is selling someone a sandwich which may be poisoned and saying "buyer beware". That kind of freedom is evil. Pure evil. Free market = fucked up"
    Still true. To ELABORATE: we also have the freedom to tell everyone who is handing out poison & take action so we can maintain our own safer free market, acting together to keep it that way. In the body white blood cells viciously kill any invader IF they can find it. Sometimes they can't.

  8. "Gold could open up one day at 1700 an ounce… You´re not gonna be able to get physical when that happens." THAT REMINDS ME TODAY´S MORNING SOMEHOW…….

  9. @goldcurrent1 LOOOOOL! 😀 True. I always think of Inspector Gadget when I see him… Dunno why? Trenchcoat? Look? Coolness?

  10. Yea, Ron Paul called all this back in Sept 2001. Brilliant man.

  11. 4 dislikes, my guess it is JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Credit Swiss Bank and Bank of America

    Thumbs Up If you agree

  12. buy silver, gold, guns, and food. real storable foods not MRE's.like efoodsdirect <– google them

  13. You guys are years ahead from the foxnews people (Cavuto and company), great chemistry, you should do more videos in the future, Mr. Maloney, what do you think will happen to the Mexican peso when the dollar colapses? thanks for any guidance.

  14. Two of my favorite economists…and two of my favorite people!

  15. If gold and silver go to infinity go to infinity would not all hard assets go to infinity, ie it would require fiat to become worthless aka worth nothing?

  16. I'm glad to see that Max is finally getting some sun!

  17. What would stop the govt. from forcing people to turn in their gold and silver to support a new currency?

  18. I love you, Mike Maloney. You are a man of great integrity, when it comes to Gold and Silver. I have been learning a lot from your youtube presentations and from your website on a daily basis.  You gave me so much knowledge about Fiat and Money(Gold). Thank you, Friend.

  19. Mike is like my grandpa, always carrying around old coins in his pocket.


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