🤑🤑 SafeMoon v1 VS SafeMoon v2 Reflections – Explained 🤑🤑

Explaining the difference in reflections between SafeMoon v1 and SafeMoon v2.

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30 gedachten over “🤑🤑 SafeMoon v1 VS SafeMoon v2 Reflections – Explained 🤑🤑”

  1. Why can I get more for v1 been trying to get more v2but the gas is killing

  2. Them not cutting off sales for V1 has hurt us, they should have cut off every exchange from selling V1 from the beginning! From there only V2 and beyond…

  3. Why aren't all Safemoon holders holding ENHANCE token? Double Safemoon reflections! 😲

  4. Bag÷ current circulating supply x .04 x volume = daily reflections. 1 mil bag x 1 B volume = $70.5 per day. At 400 B supply = $100 per day. Note circulating supply reduces everyday. The formula is relative to that since burn wallet is no longer considered a holder.

  5. Hey does is anybody having trouble trying to purchase more safemoon?

    When I go to swap my smart chain BNb
    The swap never goes through
    It just sits there and buffers

  6. Pls tell me how to collect reflections I really don’t know how!

  7. So… as long as the burn wallet is excluded, holders should be splitting 8% of buy/sell transactions. (Correct?) 4% for holders + the 4% the burn wallet is currently not receiving…🤔 Bruh!

  8. Not buying it. Where people were receiving millions in v1, – and should be receiving thousands or at least very high hundreds in (1000:1) v2 conversion, are only receiving TENS. And the team is telling us to eat it while they give an 8% discount to buy on v1, while selling it to the v2 holders as a deterrent because of less reflections for v1 holders, B.S. Tired of being told how good it is to be getting screwed. Also, I'll have to look this up, but SM Mark did a thing on reflections where he'd explained that (if i remember right), more holders did NOT diminish the wealth of reflections.

  9. Not the number of wallets are relevant but their share in the total supply

  10. I was pumped to see you be the king at the roundtable. Well deserved. Hope your subs go to the moon! 🌙

  11. Why is no one talking about Psafemoon????? V2 migration frustrating

  12. Is there fewer wallets, because many version 1 wallets are dust? Or is there fewer wallets, because most have not migrated over to V2 yet?

  13. for some reason my reflections are only 1$ even though i had 1.3 billion v1 tokens and since changing to v2 my reflections have gone down to 1$ #feelsbadman

  14. Since I switched to v2. Im not getting any reflections at ALL. Anyone else having similar problems? With v1 I had around 800 million in reflections alone. With v2 i only have ‘245’. Can anyone advice to what happened there? Did I loose my reflections for good?

  15. Isn't it better for it's total value if the supply is reduced more by adding to the burn wallet? In your words, it would be even better if there wasn't a burn wallet at all. I think the burn wallet is one of the things that makes safemoon so interesting on the long term.

  16. Gonna HODl my safemoon (OG) . Why sell it!!?? Buy V2? Fuck yeah, why not!!!! Will NEVERRRR trade in my good horse tho. More Ups N Downs coming. Thats a given….
    Feels like SOMEONE is trying to corral us out of our OG contract (VALIDATED by Coingecko, into V2). Personally I'd rather buy V2 on top of it… ETC/ETH is still a thing…. Time will tell right!!???

  17. Next year is what V3 and V4 after, come on guys enough is enough with these scam tokens

  18. I got started with safemoon V1 so I can flip that to V2 or just keep V1 and start fresh with V2.🤔

  19. Tried to transfer from trust to moon wallet and got ripped off !!!

  20. So which do we buy? 1 or 2? Which will give us a better chance at overall profit?

  21. So safemoon v1 is dead? Or will it go up in value or is everything going to v2

  22. V1 used to give me 30 to 40 cents a day, and now with V2 I get 2 to 4 cents a day

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