🚨WORST DAY EVER Kucoin forces KYC!

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In this video, we talk about #kucoin requiring KYC to use their exchange.

This should not be shocking due to all of the regulatory uncertainty we are seeing on a global scale in the crypto space.. however it’s the reality.

I’m gonna talk to you about what to expect, what to do, where to find and research decentralized exchanges, and how I think we can all make a lot of money in defi.

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30 gedachten over “🚨WORST DAY EVER Kucoin forces KYC!”

  1. They are making you kyc because they are going to shut down all of the usa customers

  2. Any dex have a martingale bot that can run without having to stay logged with a wallet connected 24/7?

  3. Their api respone and updating prices suck anyway so…bye bye kucoin.

  4. So I had no idea about this change. I made a deposit into kucoin literally on July 13th. What can I do to get my money out? It seems I can’t perform any tasks in the app. Can I send my USDT out of the app? Thank you

  5. In the US which exchange will allow me to go short with leverage without kyc? I’m not allowed to trade anymore? Nice video, but no useful information 😢

  6. If they freeze funds indefinitely they will lose ALL TRUST.

  7. oh fuck im from canada and i cant do it cause canada isnt in the list on country, did i just lost my crypto

  8. i feel this is a bit misleading, im in the us and was able to withdraw my assets. i did not do kyc so if you have'nt done kyc i would withdraw funds so they can't give the exuse to freeze them. today is july 15 2023

  9. I missed this message and now it won't let me withdraw. I'm in the US how the hell do I take my $ out and where do I put it now? specifically xrp

  10. When the SEC is being a sore looser. Xrp case is sending a "Ripple" throughout the crypto world!

  11. After I started using crp. is, I don't use any other crypto exchanges. Is I don't use any other crypto exchanges

  12. I'm from iran and you know… there is no hope for me. but why they limited canada and usa. why they did this …

  13. I have my funds stuck now in there because i live in the USA and they are asking me for ID so should I upload my ID …? even if its from USA… will they not allow me to withdraw my funds ..?

  14. I just got the dreaded notification email. I remember back when the world wasn't a complete and total disaster.

  15. #DCRDEX is the only trading place no government could shut down or enforce rules on. because it pure PEER 2 PEER CROSS CHAIN atomic swaps, leaving no traces. There is no middlemen running it. No organization. its purely autonomous. tracks nothing.
    #Decred community invented it. an immutable exchange

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