🚨 BitMart Buying SafeMoon Back TOMORROW!? 🚨

laatste update: 05-2022

A new post from BitMart and a blog strongly suggests that BitMart is FINALLY about to buy back SafeMoon! The process of migration from SafeMoon v1 to SafeMoon v2 is also progressing forward.

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30 gedachten over “🚨 BitMart Buying SafeMoon Back TOMORROW!? 🚨”

  1. All Whitewallet's are exempt from the V1 100%. This was confirmed by John during the V1 hack. This includes Bitmart. What is MOST important is SM V1 holders get their tokens back. Given Bitmart only has 13.5 million in revenue it was not possible for them to buy back 79 million dollars in V2 SM tokens. Simple math. Again, the ONLY important thing is that Bitmart SM V1 token holders get their coins back!

  2. Why is there not any updates on the exchange and blockchain? It seems the SM team are spending more time deflecting talking about nfts and turbines and not addressing the issue of deadlines for blockchain/exchange?

  3. I've they don't do a buy back after crashing the safemoon price with there hack, there dead to me

  4. The next evergrow y-5finance is now at 20mil mcap no cap. Another 10x incoming with release of play to earn game next week….. its week 1

  5. I think we all.deep.down know there will.be no pump from a buy back unfortunately, I hope I'm wrong but John keeps saying what a great team and Partnerdhip Bitmart is so I expect a loop hole has been found hence why it took so long to restore.

  6. I’m 90% sure they will not be buying back. Bitmart will be let off the hook and we see no jump in price. Glad people could get their tokens back but no one else will see any benefit

  7. Well sounds like bit mart got enough money for transaction fees by leaving v1 open because people kept buying v1 on bitmart. Now are they going to honor the full buy back or just the hacked coins?

  8. This is off to the topic but I remember CaptHodl told us that they might be giving away nft incentive for the first 1m holders/migrates. Do you have update on that? thanks, atlas!

  9. Damn …buy 3200 worth of safemoon or silly jpeg "NFT" …hmm seems a no-brainer 2 me …good luck tho stack that safemoon bag atlas u deserve it bud a lot of hard work goes into ur videos 🙏 appreciate 💯 💪

  10. I'll never use bitmart regardless of what happens moving forward. This has all been way too sketchy. For all we know they orchestrated the "hack" themselves. Don't trust them at all

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