🚀 Zilliqa Approaching All-Time Highs?! Is $5-7 Possible This Cycle?! 🚀

This video is a full technical review of Zilliqa & Litecoin in the cryptocurrency markets. A full analysis of the recent market movements on the altcoin markets including a technical perspective of the upper coins.

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30 gedachten over “🚀 Zilliqa Approaching All-Time Highs?! Is $5-7 Possible This Cycle?! 🚀”

  1. Question is. Let’s say we get to $5 this bull run. I suspect the cap market in crypto will go to $10 trillion and pull back to $4 trillion. So at end of bull run does Zil hold ground alcove $4. Will be a fun ride

  2. Can we get some analysis of ONE? Has been ripping lately and is similar to ZIL

  3. Wanneer zal dat ongeveer zijn dat ZIL de $5 mogelijk bereikt? Hoe lang is die cyclus?

  4. All people should buy, Dogecoin (doge), Reddcoin (rdd) and Dentacoin (dcn) for the future

  5. Hey leuk, een nederlander ! goed bezig Michael, ik heb me geabonneerd op je kanaal. erg interessant !!! heel leerzaam ook. bedankt

  6. Please do a Harmony (ONE) video!!! Everyone in the U.S. is looking for a YouTuber to cover this crypto. You have a unique opportunity to be the trusted YouTube source on the next Silicon Valley success story.

  7. Your best video so far, excellent presentation and many thanks!

  8. 3 liqidations on zill and im still going in… damm i have hope hahaha

  9. Appreciate your work and insights on helping average investors like myself.

  10. One of the best videos. I sold 1/2 my bag for $VRA. the digital advertising, Esport, video game, NFT. it got US patent, PoV. 25.55% APY staking. $VRA will be massive.&@&@&

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