😨 Why Cathie Wood Sold Palantir from ALL ARK Invest Funds

laatste update: 05-2022

😨 #CathieWood selling #PLTR out of every #ARKInvest fund is actually something we should’ve seen coming. Once #Palantir stock dipped 60% and @ARK Invest didn’t buy the dip in #ARKK or #ARKW specifically, it meant that @Palantir was going to be a cash-like position (like Google stock, Apple stock, Nvidia stock, etc.) and not one of ARK’s pure-play tech stocks. Here are some other things I’ve learned from ARK Invest’s massive sale of Palantir stock and why I think it’s still one of the best stocks to buy now.

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 How ARK Invest Bought Palantir Stock
04:35 Why ARK Invest Sold Palantir Stock
09:08 Lessons From Cathie Wood’s PLTR Trade

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30 gedachten over “😨 Why Cathie Wood Sold Palantir from ALL ARK Invest Funds”

  1. All you bagholder palantears miss the point why Cathie Wood is dumping the stock and it's because the company has a massive image problem.

    PLTR is partially run by a white supremacist named Peter Thiel, who has already stated he is all in on the mango mussolini agenda and is spending millions of his own money to elect MAGAt supporters to office all across the USA, in an apparent attempt to help destroy the country from within.

    Owning the company looks bad for her and her funds and she is wisely dumping the company.

  2. You need to go out and interview companies that use Palantir's platform and ask them to show you how they actually made decisions using the platform that made them a lot of money. Sometimes these platforms just turn out to be "feel good" things.

  3. Guess I am in minority when I say pltr sucks… sell everything you own and buy nvda instead!

  4. I guess she wasn't afraid to "tern temporary losses into permanent ones",.. with other peoples money.

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