🔥 Harmony ONE Explodes 🔥 Over 25% Gains But What’s Next? | Cheeky Crypto

laatste update: 05-2022

Harmony ONE Rockets with Over 25% Gains But What’s Next?

Today we’re going to share our thoughts on Harmony ONE and the recent ONE price action. We review the Harmony ONE price on the daily chart, 4 hourly chart and hourly charts to see what is next for Harmony ONE.

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In this Harmony cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest ONE crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours.

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00:00 Intro
01:14 Harmony Pool Update
02:23 Harmony ONE Technical Analysis – Daily Chart
04:16 Harmony ONE Technical Analysis – 4 Hour Chart
05:58 Harmony ONE Technical Analysis – 1 Hour Chart
07:40 Harmony ONE Technical Analysis – Summary
11:50 Further Thoughts on Harmony ONE
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  2. There will always be people who have a negative view unfortunately, however, it is not the view of the majority so just carry on. People always have the option to switch to another channel LOL

  3. I watched your video Thursday night and bought in.. so glad I did! Thanks guy's! Now if we can only get VET moving 🙄🙄

  4. Thanks for the update, was following these videos over the last few weeks and I’ve successfully bought the dip heavily , thank you!

    Could we get another update with the new levels, would be highly appreciated 🙂

  5. honestly $HAPPY is one of the most promising and frankly, heartwarming projects i've seen in the crypto space… maybe ever ☺️💛🚀 i just can't believe i'm so early this time…

  6. You guys are on point… don’t worry about the negative comments. You’re getting more viewers and the competition is scared!! Don’t change.

  7. Hey guys. You guys are doing great. Thank you for what you do in the space. I got into Harmony at 3 Cents because of both you. Much love ☺️

  8. Congrats to silicone valley on shaking me out for a 3rd time in the past 45 days the night before a huge pickle showed up on my screen! Dont worry I'll keep buying high and selling low for HarmonyOne.

  9. Isnt SOLANA a better bet? with the amount of projects and app it their ecosystem? Its kinda hard for one to beat

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