6 gedachten over “🔥 BREAKING NEWS 🔥 – A JUDGE RULE AMP TOKEN IS NOT A SECURITY? 😮 #amp #crypto #bitcoin”

  1. I enjoy your videos & passion on Amp Token. I know a-lot of people wish they would have bought Amp while it’s a good price. It will be to late. I’m over a million amp token as well.

  2. Might as well re-list amp on those wallets that got rid of them

  3. Kudos to you my guy still buying amp. I’m still waiting my guy… it’ll be .0009-.002 for me 🏌🏿‍♂️

  4. Amp is a security and all the other tokens are as well. They're all raising capital and the investor is expecting a return. IX Swap is the future of security tokens. First regulated DEX for security tokens to create liquidity pools to raise capital. Already launched the DEX last year and listed the first pools ever in history. Just updated their primary website and other Dealer Brokers will use their white label solution to list their assets on a regulated DEX. Forget about crypto, the way forward is security tokens. Same blockchain tech they are just bridging traditional finance to DeFi.

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