6 gedachten over “🔥 AMP TOKEN 🔥 DID THE SEC SET UP AMP TOKEN? 😮 #amp #crypto #bitcoin #sec”

  1. It’s called regulation by enforcement that’s what the SEC is doing.

  2. I watched the same video with Tyler Spalding.. I feel the same way you do.. I am not selling and I am still buying more.. 200k amp now and buying the dip weekly..💎🤲2032 GREAT VIDEO

  3. Great video and glad to have found it. I watched a lot of videos on YouTube with the goal of creating a passive income stream. Watching these videos has been helpful so far but need more ideas on how to do this without incurring any loss

  4. Hmmm thoughts on staking amp on flexa still? Take it off? A lot of the supply has been removed from flexa

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