🔥 $48,000 Altcoin 🔥 | This Altcoin Could 100x in 2021 | Cheeky Crypto

The $48,000 altcoin that could 100x in 2021. This altcoin is huge and has the potential to 100x during 2021!

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In this Zilliqa cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest gZILcrypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours.

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30 gedachten over “🔥 $48,000 Altcoin 🔥 | This Altcoin Could 100x in 2021 | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. gZIL is 100% one of the most underrated gems out there, but don’t steer people wrong. A $48K price would be a $35B market cap on gZIL alone… there’s no way that happens. Again, i will never sell my gZIL and put it in the same tier as BTC in that way, but let’s be realistic…

  2. Thanks for the video. I'm not sure where gZil will be, but let's put it this way. I have a fat bag of and I'm stsking it at 15% on the atomic wallet and I'm up 20 x and getting gZil.
    It's a cash cow.

  3. that also means if sumones got large amount of this coin as its only 722k out there ,if they decide to sell or dump you will see 48k in your dream.. to risky ,, if you think its gonna do 48k sell btc and everthing you got and buy gthis lol

  4. Buy Octans/OCTA token on pancakeswap!
    This is going to be the new Safemoon for sure.
    Get on the boat before you are to late! Great project, roadmap, and still a small marketcap!

  5. I'm staking my zil and getting rewards of 105 zils a day plus every 10 days or 1000 zils earned I'm earning a full Gzil share on top of that so I'm making almost 700 a month in Zilliqa rewards and another 3 governance zils per month at $586 per share so I'm literally making almost $2500 a month doing nothing!! Its insane!! And its only going up and ill be making even more!! How people slept on this so long is beyond me!!

  6. Look into CSC coin it’s casino coin they’re moving to the XRP ledger and going to explode soon you can buy it on bitrue right now

  7. Safe lads, I bought a couple of these bad boys on ZilSwap today, when the time comes to sell do I swap to ZIL and sell that on an exchange? (I cant use CEX) CHEERS

  8. This was an amazing video and I’ve really learnt a lot but I’m new at this and I’ve been having a hard time trading, what platform should I use? Coinbase hasn’t been really helpful

  9. Octans is going crazy guys check it out be For the first time early🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀📈

  10. Guys WINK is going insane those 2 days 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Gzil not on Binance 🙁 I can’t open another crypto app

  12. Since your video GZIL has retraced more than 40%. Do you have any updates on the same

  13. Thanks guys, your detail and informative content is really helping my portfolio grow. Keep up the great work. I really appreciate the data, facts (facts don’t lie) approach. God bless

  14. lol this was published the day of the absolute top. I love youtubes random recommendations, so fun watching these videos at todays prices. Make sure to always buy those dips baggies.

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