🔥 $4.94 XLM Price Prediction 🔥 | How High Can XLM Go? | Cheeky Crypto

laatste update: 05-2022

In this Stellar cryptocurrency video we take a look at the XLM Price and give our share our XLM price prediction. How did we calculate a XLM $4.94 price prediction? et us know your XLM price predictions in the comments.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Stellar In Brief
03:18 CoinMarketCap XLM Data
05:16 XLM Chart – Review
10:21 $1.90 XLM Price Prediction
10:43 $3.06 XLM Price Prediction
11:02 $4.22 XLM Price Prediction
11:25 $4.94 XLM Price Prediction
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DISCLAIMER: We are not a financial advisers. None of what we have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

⚠ This video is for information / entertainment purposes only ⚠

30 gedachten over “🔥 $4.94 XLM Price Prediction 🔥 | How High Can XLM Go? | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. Times has changed when it takes off its not coming back the whole world is going digital the beginning days of crypto that part is over with the new crypto days are here

  2. XLM is half the supply and double the adoption of XRP. Why then XRP 13 and XLM 5. Seriously?

  3. XLM has ZERO excuses as to why it has sucked so badly, while everything else around it has exploded. With XRP being roadblocked by the SEC, XLM should be skyrocketing….instead it is floundering and appears to be going nowhere. What is up with this crappy project???

  4. Do you realize how silly you sound with your predictions at this point? XLM can't even sniff $1.00 and you are talking $4.00???? Stop wasting our time with this nonsense….talk about WHY XLM has been a Dead Man Walking. This is more important and beneficial to us than pipe dream price predictions. There is absolutely NOTHING going for XLM currently….nobody even seems to care about it. Why is this? All you guys talk about is the potential, instead of the actual.

  5. XLM is tied at the hip to XRP – it is guilty by association – follows price pattern and rarely exceeds the price of XRP despite market cap. When XRP is set free so too will XLM – have not seen the vid yet but that is my experience. They are related in so many ways and serve the same functions. Same relation I’m seeing between Algo and ADA – Algo Is doing what ADA hopes to do and plans to do but ADA marketing is supernova.

  6. Sir, you have changed the chart settings to night mode and its really dark and unclear to see. Please put the chart back to how you used have it so we can see it properly what you are referring too.

  7. Xlm = best crypto ever made. Fastest, cheapest transfer rate (less then 1 penny) most transparent per second for any major crypto, has a built in exchange into it stellar network, made to be used by anyone with a Internet or phone access and can do thing other cryptos can and will never be able to do. Xrp has ZERO reasons to even exist when xlm exists!

  8. When an asset is being hated on and it's undervalued it's the best time to invest in it, just my two cents

  9. Why XLM can't reach 100+ billions market cap? Samsung market cap is 200B, IBM is 110B, Netflix is 185B, Visa is 500B with stock price 204$/share, Berkshire Hathaway is 500B and it's stock price is 200K per share. Seriously… XLM can easily reach 100$…no? Anybody have any thoughts?

  10. Stop calling it a bull cycle it is not a bull cycle a bull cycle is when it keeps going and it does not re-correct itself

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