💰 GET RICH WITH ONE 💰 Become A Millionaire With Harmony ONE | Cheeky Crypto

laatste update: 06-2022

In this Harmony ONE cryptocurrency video we take a look at the ONE crypto and breakdown the numbers behind the project, we discuss the basic of Harmony ONE and how many Harmony ONE tokens may needed to become a millionaire with Harmony ONE.

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00:00 Intro
01:18 Passive Income with Harmony ONE Staking Pool
02:32 What is Harmony ONE
07:20 Compare Harmony ONE with Other Chains
09:47 CoinMarketCap Data
14:03 Breaking the Numbers Down
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DISCLAIMER: We are not a financial advisers. None of what we have communicated verbally or in writing here should be considered financial advice; it is not. Do your own research before investing in any digital asset, and understand that investing in any cryptocurrency is risky. If you do, you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment.

30 gedachten over “💰 GET RICH WITH ONE 💰 Become A Millionaire With Harmony ONE | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. Vamos con harmony a tope, pequeña inversion , gran beneficio a final de este año!! , no vendan sus harmony…

  2. Damn I’m so stupid I had 300k ONE but sold it all went it hit over a penny for ethereum

  3. Morning guys, I see your ada pool has started a new epoch. I am wondering how long before I should see any kind of a reward??
    Got into your pool on the 17th of Feb. and have not received a reward. Can anyone answer this question?

  4. It just hit a high of 4 cents.doing well could be 25 cents by end of March.people will think I am crazy but I see it at $10 within 5 years

  5. It’s gonna hit $1 this year easy. People are gonna be a lot more financially stable because of this coin, which is awesome.

  6. Charles Hoskinson just said today (09/03/21) that he thinks it’s a great project. Great team of developers. Coming from Charles, that’s a buy signal.

  7. Well ADA did 02c to 1.33 back in Jan 2018 and that has a larger supply x4. So going by historical data, x4 1.33 is $5.32. Totally possible!! Plus ONE is actually a working product with great tech and very fast and scalable, whilst ADA back in 2017 was just a white paper. (I hold both btw) So yeah anything is possible!! Especially with this ALT season looking to bring in more investors than last time. But I would only bank on 80c to a $1 for now. That’s a nice goal.

  8. ONE will reach $1 in 2-3 years…like ADA which is about $0.01735 in 2017..just accumulate more and more

  9. This project is so good. . Harmony market cap will pass 10 Billion soon. Investor cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Consider before it is too late.. One to the moon soon

  10. One of the best videos. ❤️. I sold 1/2 my bag for $VRA. the digital advertising, Esport, video game, NFT. it got US patent. 25.55% APY staking. $VRA will be massive. The next of Theta for sure !$❤️💕

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