🌿 How to mint NFTs directly from the contract | Etherscan tutorial

laatste update: 05-2022

In this video we’re taking a look at the back door entrance to minting NFTs. This new trend started with LOOT but it’s the most basic form of interacting with smart contracts.

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30 gedachten over “🌿 How to mint NFTs directly from the contract | Etherscan tutorial”

  1. Awesome information. Please show us how you can do this during a hyped live drop to see if you can actually beat the masses. Can’t imagine this being faster because you have to type the individual ID hoping it’s not claimed.

  2. Hii… Thanks for the info…..
    What about Vloot in heco chain xnft marketplace ? Same as this , just a copy or any project in that??

  3. Thanks man. This is excellent. For anyone reading…please realize that some of the nuances of the individual projects you're looking to mint from the contract will be different. If everyone could do this, none of it would be special or even interesting.

  4. Hello will the presale address be the same address as the public sale ?? Also if the presale is before the pub can do you have to wait for the public sale before you mint of can you mint before with the address and soon as it goes live would your transaction go through ??

  5. An NFT im looking at just had a presale 1 hour ago. What if I minted from the smart contract now, even though im not whitelisted for the presale? Would I have to wait to use the adress till the public sale?

  6. thanks ma'man, it worked like a charm however it seems a little tricky registering an ENS domain name from its contract address for a not taken name. Is there anything that should be done or it simply doesn't work for ENS?

  7. Thank you. What do I put in signature bytes. The mint section has payable amount, mint amount and signature bytes.

  8. At the "Connect to Web3" button – clicked metamask, the popup came up, accepted, but nothing happens and I cant connect?

  9. Thanks for the info! So, when a WL part of the mint is done, will the contract then be adjusted to Payable amount and nr of tokens within Etherscan?
    Cause that's the only option i see with some projects in the contract under 'mint' and the other buttons

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