🌟Crypto Clash: ADA 🌑 vs SOL ☀️! Who will win?

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0:00 Introduction
01:12 Face Off Playlist
01:37 Patreon Poll Voted Overwhelmingly for This
02:13 Blockchain Architectures (Layers)
02:26 High Level Comparison
04:01 The Haskell Mistake
05:22 SOLANA (SOL)
06:51 Regulatory Hit
07:05 IA Math Engine Time
07:25 Nakamoto Coefficient (Decentralisation)
07:54 Technology Capability
08:39 Daily Transactions (DTX)
08:55 Note: Higher is better
09:16 Daily Transaction History
09:38 Daily Active Users (DAU) and History
10:08 Daily Transactions (DTX) / Daily Active User (DAU)
10:22 Daily and Average Transaction Fees
10:49 Weekly Developer Activity
11:27 Total Developer Contributions
11:45 Circulating Supply
12:09 Ratios: Market Cap / Daily Transactions (DTX)
12:40 Ratios: Market Cap / Daily Active Users (DAU)
12:48 Ratios: Market Cap / Daily Transaction Fees
13:10 Ratios: Market Cap / Developers
13:28 Ratios: Market Cap / Total Value Locked (TVL)
13:38 Total Value Locked (TVL)
14:03 Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Volume
14:39 Stablecoin Market Cap
14:46 Distance from All Time High (ATH) Price
15:10 Cardano (ADA) – Price Chart
15:28 Solana (SOL) – Price Chart
16:00 SOL/ADA – Pair Price Chart
16:28 Ratios: Market Cap / ETH Market Cap
16:34 Cardano (ADA) – Ecosystem
17:10 Solana (SOL) – Ecosystem
17:37 Social Media Engagement
18:05 SCP Profiler: Category Rank Summary
18:46 Crypto Compendium: Composite Score
19:33 Want a Recap?
19:46 Conclusion / Face Off Comparison
20:25 Face Off Comparison – Delta Scores
20:47 NEW: Face Off Delta Scores
21:23 Ratios: Market Cap/ ETH Market Cap
21:58 Is the Crypto Market Cap Dominance % justified?
22:08 Winner
22:21 Despite All This Data

28 gedachten over “🌟Crypto Clash: ADA 🌑 vs SOL ☀️! Who will win?”

  1. Can you do a face off for like a segment or multiple coins , like defi , interoperability etc , need like Radiant reviews , Injective , quant /Axelar

  2. Dear James, from the beginning of this face-off I knew… SOL will be the winner. You always say: don’t get marriaged with a coin. Point taken. But fall in love is way more dangerous…

  3. "Decentralized" Solana made my day! LOL
    I could believe, up to the point, how that "decentralized" cr@p could be restarted 3 times, or we have a new definition of "decentralization"?! Hence, doubt the whole video!

  4. 4.35Min you forget to say that Haskell Language is the "most safety programming language"

  5. your Excel Sheet doesn't really match with Data presented by other "official sites". You try to postion Solana as a better Blockchain, that's no true. Solana have been switched on like 1000 times, Cardano runs without any hacks or deploids…..

  6. go VC team, pahahaha the fact remains ADA reached 100 billion $ market cap sol has not while ada did not even do smart contracts and has a max supply sol much like lunc has not and has breakdowns every month, they can push the red button any time and we will all be in – 0 at that point, so is it really worth the risk to put your hard earned savings in … really

  7. Completely irrelevant to this excellent video, do you think Teslas mountains of data behind FSD and maybe Optimus will have any military applications? Could you see the government paying Tesla for its Data?

  8. Once Firedancer plays in the security will be there making Solana best placed . The world and volume to come will need a very fast and cheap , battle tested blockchain :SOLANA

  9. Most people just don’t understand the difference between utxo and account based blockchains. Utxo blockchains can process transactions truly in parallel account based ones not.

  10. This guy does everything to get ppl into this crappy sol coin. You must have invested to your neck and want out! Sol is a shit coin.

  11. I used to own ADA, but again when the transactions got high the transaction cost sky rocketed, it couldnt scale. ADA's problem is will Hydra arrive in time? If it doesnt come by this bull run I think the project will fade. Sol I have recently bought back into after selling a while ago. When the transactions got to around 2k plus a second it would….just break. This was more due to a DOS attack that would always happen at this time. I think they fixed this, added some huge upgrades so we will see I guess.

    Can we see a DEX off? Would like to see that, even DEX's on the same project compared like this.

  12. I'm seeing red flags. Trying to fact check InvestAnswer's claims that Charles Hoskinson regrets choosing Haskell for Cardano. And also where Elon Musk says Rust is the best programming language in the world today. Unable to find source. Any help is appreciated.

  13. One question tho, why solana people hav this tendacy to attack other projects even include the innovators like Bitcoin and Ethereum? while other ecosystem members rarely act like that doing their own things?
    I guess is it due to age range of the majority comsumer?

  14. Sol is the last of my altcoin/flips. Im over the crypto craze. I will only be buying bitcoin after I flip out of my Sol bag.

  15. Fade offs are great James…..Sol is apple….eth is Microsoft…..Ada is Oracle?

  16. All i know is that bitcoin,ethereum and cardano have never had down time those are my only cryptos i will be buying

  17. I think the main thing cardano has over solana is security. Cardano never suffered outages, when solana suffered them frequently.

    Though solana does have much higher marks everywhere else, it all means nothing if security is compromised.

  18. I already know who wins this one.
    But I’m watching because every video by James is packed with worthwhile info.

  19. what about doing a bitcoin vs gold face-off or bitcoin vs USD?

  20. Does Solana have liquid staking? Cardano's TVL appears to be lower because ada is not locked in staking

  21. I see a lot of BS in this video. Charles have never said that Haskel is a mistake and also Cardano ecosystem has more than 1,000 dApps and Solana has a little more than 400 dApps. Anyway your data seems made up by your VC team same as Sam Bankman Fried

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