⚠ VET Price Prediction ⚠ How High Can VET Go During March | Cheeky Crypto

In this VeChain cryptocurrency video we take a look at the latest VET crypto news and see what has been happening in the Cryptocurrency space in the last 24 hours. We discuss how high VET can go during March 2021 and give our VET price predictions. How high do you think VET will reach in March? Let us know in the comments.

00:00 Intro
01:47 VET Technical Analysis – Daily Chart
04:05 VET Technical Analysis – 4 Hour Chart
06:04 VET Technical Analysis – 1 Hour Chart
07:09 VET Price Prediction
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30 gedachten over “⚠ VET Price Prediction ⚠ How High Can VET Go During March | Cheeky Crypto”

  1. Look for Smartkey. Also using blockchain for physical stuff.

  2. So happy to not have to wait 3-5 business days to transfer funds due to the effective, quick transfer of crypto

  3. Moon spamming is a bagholder move that does nothing for those that are considering investing. Focus on the tokenomics and market sentiment.

  4. I bought and held ADA well below.10c and it's now over a dollar. Literally no reason VET can't do the same and better eventually. 5 by 2025? it's got a catchy ring to it at least.

  5. PUNDI X!!! Hold long because this is an amazing project with huge potential! Also, they are doing a token burn soon which will be incredible for investors! Let's land on pluto and get them GAINS!

  6. Rubic and Trac… I don't need the frills.. metamask..dun.

  7. Why do you think the bull run will end in may/June? Most from what I've seen are saying September/october…

  8. I have almost 30k vchain and I want at least 100k . To the mars!!!!

  9. for me the video is too long, the chart anal. goes on too long.

  10. I'm new to the cryto world. I've clicked subscribed and hit the bell icon 👍🏼 keep up the good work guys these newbies need as much assistance as possible 🙌

  11. What about Vtho?….I think we should debate which is the best ROI.

  12. VET goes as high as my bedroom on the 2nd floor. So……… buy Ada!

  13. I’m sorry guys but I’m selling 90% when it hits 0.30cents I’ll be a millionaire I have many other coins ADA being my largest bag !

  14. Please, guys, remember VET's max supply is 86,7 Billion!! That means it will take years to over pass one dollar.

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