⚠ $34 ADA ⚠ is Cardano ADA a good price for LONG term hold? Long Term Cardano Price Prediction

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30 gedachten over “⚠ $34 ADA ⚠ is Cardano ADA a good price for LONG term hold? Long Term Cardano Price Prediction”

  1. can any1 help on how the market cap works, how does the price push the market up rather then the inflow of money 💰

  2. Hockinson just announced Project Midnight…This will be in conjunction with Project Voltaire and the Gougan Version 3 Release and Alonso Update to ensure the privacy and management solutions for individuals that will be integrigating data for the rights of use and benefit from a secure blockchain and standard fundamentals of cryptography

  3. I believe 34$ is just the start of what ADA will really reach.

  4. I think 7,50 USD a few months after the Bitcoin halving could be in play

  5. $34 is a crazy insane unrealistic prediction, but thanks for the free hopium. The problem is in the adoption, it needs to be more for utility rather than specultation for healthy growth. Purposes of Investing and trading will not be enough

  6. Eth came to 500B ish mc last bullrun. Cardano with way stronger fundamentals could exceed that guys. 20$ dollar max ada next cycle i think.

  7. 2025 to 34 usd. sounds logical.
    100x should be doable for Cardano.
    imagine what that will do with the price of cardano projects and partners.

    dca, hold, stake, work hard, invest in smart people and smart projects…

  8. 34 possible but i dont think this bull market… 4-10 is nice conservative range… 15 is alread optimistic for comming bullrun for me

  9. you will not se ada at $34 in your lifetime, I would bet on that..

  10. I bought at around $3 and hodl. I feel like a clown, I hope it does get above $30.

  11. ADA has a total supply of 45 billion, and it won't be that easy to reach $34

  12. I’m thinking Ada tops out around $17-$18 for the next bull run. Please come back to this comment in 2025 and thank me 🙂

  13. It makes all the sense for me.
    It is important to keep in mind that the technology is very mature and the transaction fees are very low. The adoption is increasing every day
    Also, Cardano has very strong foundations

  14. WOZ token on minswap is up 5000% no ico. No dev allocation. All tokens minted. 🚀🚀🚀

  15. I'd be happy with $10 cardano and sell. 54,000 cardano at .41 cents

  16. $8 to 12$ next bull run is more realistic. Still a nice 36x return from current levels.

  17. stop de cap no way ada hit 20 -30 or whatever ada will hit at least 5$ then if he break will reach 7 to 8$ but 2030 ada will hit 10 to 15 nothing more

  18. I do think that ada hitting over $25 is extremely possible 🙏

  19. There’s too many, unless they burn 90% it won’t ever go above £5

  20. If you had $10,000 in Cardano, $10,000 in Ethereum and $10,000 in Bitcoin. If all three return to where they were in price before the crash. Bitcoin bought at $16,000 to $68,789.63 would be a 4x or $40,000, Ethereum bought at $1200 back to $4,891 would also be a 4x or $40,000, Cardano bought at $0.25 back to $3.101 would be a 11x or $110,000 on the same ten grand just putting it with cardano would tripple your investment if they all went back to their all time highs.

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