20 gedachten over “⚠️The Price Of SHIBA INU Will 10x When This Happens (SHIBA INU COIN NEWS)”

  1. Shiba inu NON sta bruciando nulla…..mille progetti e sempre 580 b di token…..

  2. Almost 3y++ shib just going to underground and the price never back to ATH again.. almost out rank to top 20. see this Month, shib just up to 5%++, another allcoin up to 50%++.. so sad

  3. When we become the third largest digital currency in this 🌎 people will be shocked.

  4. Maybe we get AMAZON on board think about it BLUE HORIZON THE MARS PROJECT.

  5. Its simple what community want show them the (burns) whats the team want the community will show them not only false promises would work onward by the team .

  6. Shytoshi is no good for shiba inu , he is make a lot of money in name of shiba inu n shib projects

  7. The Dev team needs to grow up and communicate like Adults if we are to get huge adoption.

  8. 589 trillion tokens. No burning. Just talks of it for over 2 years……..shiba isnt going anywhere……

  9. Honestly you can talk all the talk about Shib , this that . But without HUGE burns NOTHING will happen. Last bullrun it went high because Vitalik burned Trillions! You just said it . PEPE burned $5M and went up 33% .

  10. The SHIBAMEMU community is celebrating as we hit 228% price increase with 1 more week to go in the presale extension! Our TG community provides constant update everyday

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