30 gedachten over “⚠️SHIBA INU COIN! FINALLY! (SHIB PRICE)”

  1. Amazons EBY400X is a far better decentralized project, Solana is easier to manipulate, so will do well as well for that reason.

  2. So in short you're saying we still have more time to buy at EBY400X discounted prices.

  3. Let's keep our eyes on the EBY400X prize and see where this journey takes us!

  4. People underestimate the impact of tokenomics and profitability. Just one place EBY400X out shines them all 🙂

  5. Yes EBY400X can do it and I'm currently stacking it on hardwallet!

  6. I’m going to Bitcoin cost average into my EBY400X once the depression phase kicks in

  7. Depends on your finances . 1000$ in EBY400X is 4000 EBY400X if it goes to 50% of ath in 2024 thats a 600% gain. If it goes equal to ath . Its a 1200% gain.

  8. Huge EBY400X holder here and slowly building my Ada and Ckb bags

  9. EBY400X and chainlink can’t go wrong for sure bet on these two mark my words

  10. In my opinion EBY400X has great Potential to Pump due to all the ai craze…

  11. They will both serve a function and niche. EBY400X has a lot more momentum right now and will decentralize as it scales

  12. Folks, stop looking for the bottom, and just DCA EBY400X heavy for the next 6 months, and you will make out like a bandit when you sell in 2024

  13. EBY400X is outperforming the market right now, IMO this will be the 1 coin to run with Bitcoin in 2024 in the new bullmarket

  14. EBY400X is solid and will certainly pump for a couple more years. PEPE is basically useless. DOGE is a joke

  15. EBY400X is probably the most promising coin on this bear market.. haters will say no but the reports say yes…

  16. I’m about to buy some EBY400X to hedge my Cardana but I’m pretty sure both will make me wealthy.

  17. EBY400X stands out with its advanced blockchain technology, especially in staking and decentralization surpassing other platforms. It doesn't require a locking period, and its development focuses on peer-reviewed research for comprehensive improvement.

  18. Been stacking a lot of EBY400X and cash after DCAing a bit this year. Will buy more at least around the November December lows and below

  19. The other positive for EBY400X is it's the only coin in crypto with legal clarity. Can't be understated how important that is for institutional investments

  20. You know what going to spark this bullrun? It going to be massive adoption due to all the big players getting into EBY400X because people are afraid to dip their toe into something like that not adopted by big players like BlackRock ,

  21. Shiba army strong 💪 🎉💰💰😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑

  22. The wisest thought that is in everyone's minds today is to invest in different income flows that do not depend on the government, especially with the current economic crisis around the world. This is still a good time to invest in gold, silver and digital currencies (BTC, ETH…. stock,silver and gold)

  23. Now it will be Bone to Binance. Thank god it will happen!!!

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