JUST IN: Bittrex #crypto exchange files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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  1. Another one bites a dust….. Hopefully this is the last one… I wonder if binance had something to do with this

  2. Will there be any exchanges left in the US? Who is next target by SEC?

  3. They were already closed last month. This means nothing, this is probably to get out of the SEC lawsuit. They told everyone to get their money out by April 30th. They didn’t screw anyone like the others. This was a business move not a true bankruptcy.

  4. America used to be the land of opportunity now it's the land of bankruptcy and communism

  5. The SEC is against crypto because they don’t want Americans to get rich, they need people working 9-5s so they are against crypto.

  6. Your channel is such a great source of entertainment, thank you for that.

  7. Hope you are buying !BUY BUY BUY this Chanel tells you to buy go into debt and buy he is all in

  8. The SEC have served coinbase with a wells notice hold on tight things may get worse

  9. Crypto has to show a real world usefulness and fast or it's going to go the way of the beanie babies…I can't send money around the world on my phone still what dos crypto do…. Nothing so far…it has to have a benefit to the world or it's nothing..a joke ..come on crypto world make it do something useful

  10. Well..what does this mean? I have CRO coins there, do I have to move them?…how do I move them? They tell me I need a memo to transfer coins to another wallet, what is a memo and how do I get one???

  11. Never heard of them! I hood and follow flux and they’re always posting listings on exchanges iv never heard of, and there so god damn many! Why!?

  12. It is greatly appreciated that you are helping us out. As someone who cannot give up his job right now, trying to stay afloat in this so called economy and is new to all this, I say THANK YOU to you. I have made some money with Bitcoin trading,( I think that's what it was) and made some money today with Ethereum trading as well, and hoping to make more in my next trading days. All thanks to advisor Grayson Miles. Will be learning more of his courses so that I can devote more time to trading with his trade strategy.

  13. I just found out today, didn’t transfer full portfolio. Now the account is disabled, any advice on this? 😐

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