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  5. I’ve started getting those ads on Trading View too, so annoying.

  6. LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!! 🤟🤩🙋‍♂️🚀😎👍💯

  7. Thank you for your technical analysis this is exactly what I need better understanding on 👍🏼

  8. "This pi cycle indicator is super accurate!" then immediately shows that it's been wildly incorrect, didn't properly call the last two tops or last two bottoms.

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  11. What's going on with VRA verasity crypto currency Sir 📢??????????????

  12. Mate, I have a simple question. Will crypto help us feel a woman's warmth in the next bull run? Yes or No?

  13. I don’t think indicators tell us much. More price action than anything.

  14. Lovelace crypto 250m max supply, price at 0.003. Any thoughts on that

  15. The pi cycle indicator sucks because it was created using "curve fitting" to call the tops and bottoms

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