★019 Are you Buying or Crying – $EUROC by CIRCLE – SDX + Daura Partnership!

laatste update: 06-2022


Look carefully and you can find Gilbertisms everywhere!
Reading between the lines and connecting dots is what the Quamfy does when there is little communication on partnerships to be had!

We touch upon many developments which are taking place right now and embed them in the past and future. What is the SEC up to? What is a KBC and why does it matter? Ecosystems adding Ecosystems is the name of the game and SDX is showing how.

A EURO Stable coin? CIRCLE? MLT? Do you hear bells ringing?

Keep a calm mind in this market and stay quamfy!


Intro – 00:00:00

Adyingnobody – 00:11:30

SEC = hiring – 00:16:20

SDX/Daura – 00:28:30

Gensler – 00:47:30

KBC Belgium/Fnality – 01:00:30

LACChain – 01:21:40

Circle – 01:26:40

Quant Thread – 01:37:30

Market – 01:41:20


SEC Hiring


Daura + SDX partnership

KBC Belgium



Digital Pound Foundation

Quant thread

Jarno en Tim spreken elke woendsdag over Quant Network en alle onderwerpen die daarmee te maken kunnen hebben.

Jarno and Tim talk, every Friday, about Quant Network and all the relevant topics that come with it.

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  1. 34:20 SDX in one AMA, the talk about the have a solution for interoprebility whitout saying QNT, but yhea was pretty clear its QNT and most likely the silence about it for Compative advances, and most likely the wanne by the first out of the gate whit the new tec

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