⏳weekly Recap⏳: Btc Bull Signals, Crypto Cars, And Macro Data!

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0:00 Introduction
01:14 The Story
01:28 Only Brightspot is Binance and a Meme!!!
01:54 Only Brightspot is Amazon
02:16 Bitcoin Buy Side Shooting Up
03:10 Bitcoin Ahead of 2013-2017 Cycle
03:54 256 Days to Go – When next ATH?
06:43 Stablecoin Supply Still Dropping
07:09 ETH Perp Interest Waning
08:05 Bankless Upgrades
08:29 Bankless Community Bullish on Solana
08:53 Solana Catalysts
09:40 Solana Defi Growth
10:05 Solana Firedancer
10:44 Solana Price
11:13 BNB: Support or Storm clouds?
13:12 MSTR
13:44 MSTR Drops $100 in 21 Days
14:25 Non Farm Payroll – Downward Revisions
14:59 2024 GM Celestiq starting at $340,000
22:16 50 Years Earlier – AMC Pacer 1975
16:28 GM’s Future Unless They Transform FAST!
17:03 Lucid Hail Mary Pass
18:09 Zero Emission Vehicles above 25% of Sales
18:48 US Oil Demand
19:10 US Fuel Prices last 2 Years
19:52 Avg Car $48K – Tesla Beats Avg
20:31 Fueling BEV is FAR CHEAPER. 4x or more!
21:08 BEV vs ICE Cost per 100 Miles (162km) in USA
22:18 Berkshire Surges
22:35 BRK.A vs TSLA vs BTC last 5 Years
23:49 Here we go – YCC all the way all CB’s
25:44 Non Govt Payroll
26:11 Govt Payroll – Govt Jobs are Best

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  1. I’d far rather have the AMC Pacer or the Gremlin.

    I live in Commiefornia. We are extremely lucky that the old “global boiling” has spared us this summer.. for the 5th consecutive summer. But when the cycle changes and we have ultra hot summers, all the EVs will cause massive rolling blackouts.

    That said, I still predict an eventual dramatic turn away from ev cars.

  2. Does senjay have a Twitter handle ? I'd like to check out his posts if so 👍🙏

  3. Those final charts on Non Govt vs. Govt Payroll really show that knowing the numbers is not enough – you need to understand where they came from. Superb stuff.

    Just waiting for a slot to free up on Patreon at a level that fits my budget as joining seems to be a no-brainer….

  4. Common man ,it is not that ugly,it looks like more jaguars long car.However the price is extremly high.

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The cyber truck is the ugliest vehicle I have ever seen

  6. The Pacer looks way better than the Ceslestiq. GM lost their minds 10 years ago.

  7. I just completely filled my Tesla last night, 287 miles for 18.00

  8. The pacer, absolutely one of the ugliest cars ever made. My first car was a 74 amc gremlin, one of the other ugliest cars ever made😆 Awesome video James, thank you as always!

  9. BTC is not functional as a currency and has no real enterprise uses. BTC is too slow, too costly and will not scale. Don't buy into hype. BTCs only value comes from mining and it is on a loosing track. Right now the energy cost eats up 54.77% of the returns. What happens in Apr. when it halves again? If the price is the same the energy cost would be 109.54% of your profits. No one will run a rig at a lose. Maybe game over. Also there are way better crypto out. I recommend “Hedera Hbar”. Is now adopted by big enterprises companies. Hedera has done 16.7 billion transactions and is now doing 3 billion transactions a month. BTC has yet to do 1 billion in its life time and it is 8 years older than Hedera. Hedera has solve BTC issues in a big way

  10. Just imagine if Governments drop a UBI in the next ten years, Assets will sore.

  11. If a Grayscale ETHE bag is still down 66% from purchase. Does it make sense to take the loss and put the money in a faster horse? Seems like its going to be a long time before ETHE breaks even a $32

  12. By the way Thanks James, your channel is the best, no doubts.

  13. Bucking conventional wisdom, the crypto market is currently bullish. Despite risks and high rates, it grows, emphasizing adaptability for traders. Instead of predictions, they should focus on trends and strategy adjustments. Key factors include specific coin's performance and upcoming earnings reports. For those eager to thrive, real-time data and sharp analytics are critical. My own success? A testament to Debra Crawshaw's strategies – over 19btc amassed in just six weeks.

  14. I think thanks to you, I'm seeing every investments as arbitrage opportunities.

  15. Anyone that writes that it costs more to charge an ev than fill a gas tank is either a bold faced liar or extremely ignorant or perhaps funded by the fossil fuel industry. Thanks James. Great stuff as always.

  16. With markets tumbling, inflation soaring, the Fed imposing large interest-rate hike, while treasury yields are rising rapidly—which means more red ink for portfolios this quarter. How can I profit from the current volatile market, I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $275k bond/stock portfolio

  17. my friend james:
    i have a lot of friends that i have talk to them about crypto. they watch your videos but the problem is they don't have any knowledge of the space. from our conversations is pretty clear that they don't always understand exactly what you mean, they fill the blanks with their imagination and im telling them always : you can't gain good knowledge from youtube videos when you dont know the fundamentals . its very very hard to do that from zero knowledge. i have spend i believe 200+ hours in books and seminars about cryptocurrency, economics and investments and i believe i know enough in theory which is something, it gives me the ability to understand you better.
    to give you an example we have done unlimited conversations with topics like: james said solana will never drop below 200usd and fell below 20 and im saying them: its super obvious that he meant except a black swan event like covid, russia ukrain war etc.
    So why im saying all that is:
    maybe is a good idea to make a video about what is the best context for someone to be before he watch your videos. what knowledge should have, what books or seminars maybe should know, what knowledge is ALWAYS nessesary to know that applys always (like a black swan event can drop crypto by a lot). what is by your opinion the optimal context of knowledge and understanding ideally you would want for someone to already be before start watching your videos.
    that is my suggestion.
    Thanks for the hard work ❤️🙏

  18. I love these updates James & Co. Happy if you can keep "Emm" coming 👍
    Looks to me, come the end of the summer doldrums, its gonna be 🍿🍿 season, & hopefully some early hopium 💲💷💶

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